In 1991, Don Dohler, the man behind B movie sci fi horror cult films Fiend (1980) and Nightbeast (1982) released splatter piece Blood Massacre. Now the film receives another run out in TetroVideo’s highly regarded retro line Tetro Underground.

A group of maniacal Vietnam veterans go on a rampage. Starting off with a robbery in a local store then a crazy murder spree. They find solace in a rural family home which they invade and hold the residents hostage. Little be known to them that the family are pretty happy they visited…

Staying true to the original film, the film is presented in its true VHS glory with plenty of grainy visions and dark areas. Much like the other Tetro Underground releases, the aim is to bring forgotten cult films back in the way they were intended to be seen. The nostalgia of the video store days are brought back to our homes in abundance.

Grab a beer and buckle up for a crazy ride into the land of pure low budget trashy horror. Starring George Stover as outlaw leader Rizzo, we are taken on a journey into insanity with many twists and turns. Blood Massacre is a crazy mix of influences and styles resulting in an unpredictable and very exciting 73 minutes of B movie fun.

Without giving too much away, this is very much a story of the hunter becoming the hunted but with some very original and well timed plot twists. The film crams in so much that you are well and truly spoiled. It is like Cannibal Apocalypse (1980) mixed with Demons (1985) and Don’t Go In The Woods (1981) with even a sprinkle of First Blood (1972) too. Simply put, it is an insane combination of so many influences that it works a treat.

The bad acting and poorly choreographed fight scenes add to the films character and it never takes itself seriously enough for it to be an issue. The film has a killer soundtrack which carries the atmosphere and keeps the fun flowing throughout. The real star of the show is the awesome practical effects which are used sparingly at the start then milked during key moments to great effect.

Blood Massacre is a bloody frenzy which deserves a late night viewing in your home. It is trashy, bonkers and bloody brilliant.

Score: 5/5

Blood Massacre is due to be released on DVD by TetroVideo. Pre-order due to launch in November 2021.

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