REVIEW: BORN DEAD (2019, Medienkuche)

Born Dead is a 22 minute zombie splatter short film directed by Simon Spachmann & Olaf Zanetti. A group of party animals search for a place to continue their drunken shenanigans after being left out in the cold. Just when it looks like they are bang out of luck, they stumble across a creepy abandoned house. Sometimes abandoned doesn’t always mean empty, as they soon find out…

When the group enter the abandoned house there are satanic ornaments and decorations everywhere and they soon realise they might have been better off just heading home…

For a low budget short film, the locations look great and there is plenty of variety. The heart of the house is its basement which is inhabited by dead bodies reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead (1978). The movement and look of the zombies is Fulci-esque and there is impressive editing and lighting which adds to the atmosphere around them.

With a short run time, the film has a lot to cram in to keep things ticking over and it runs seamlessly. The scenes never feel forced and the flow works well between the comedy and extreme horror. There is a wonderful selection of latex props made by James Bell & Simon Spachmann which are put to good use in blood squirting gore scenes which are a joy to watch. The zombies look terrific and the flesh eating looks amazing as the helpless group are ripped to pieces and munched by the hungry undead.

Born Dead finds a fine balance between comedy and horror, ensuring both are over the top and outrageous. I found myself laughing profusely at the hilarious lines and drooling at the gore drenched death scenes. The film really wears its heart on its sleeve as it stacks up as many gags and blood squirting moments as possible. Also, the catchy instrumental heavy rock soundtrack gives the action an added pulse as the films pounds in as much gore and laughs as it can. The acting is great and I enjoyed watching all the cast.

Born Dead doesn’t take itself seriously and is a ton of fun from start to finish. The comedy is on-point and the practical effects are top drawer. The moment the film ended, I wanted to watch it again. German splatter is on another level.

Score: 5/5

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