30 years in the making, Mad God is VFX legend Phil Tippett long awaited stop-motion epic taking us on an odyssey through the layers of human hell. Set in a world of monsters and mind-bending landscapes and heavily influenced by Ray Harryhausen, Mad God is ready to invade your mind.

Pulling together themes from Dantes Inferno ,the 7 seven deadly sins and stages of hell; a stop-motion film has never looked so beautiful. Gore drenched set pieces orchestrated in Tippett’s hellish world visions, Mad God may be animation but it certainly is aimed at an adult audience. A powerful soundtrack takes us on a journey we’ll never forget through blood soaked surgeries to war torn landscapes to luminescent giant plantations. The film is eye candy in its finest form showing us the best and worst of humanity in a visually stunning display.

Mad God is a labyrinth inhabited by freakish monsters with body features rearranged and deformed. The depiction of hell and purgatory is both breathtaking and disturbing and it fully immerses you in its beauty and filth. The tone of the film is ever changing in line with its lighting, visuals and sound. There are strong themes of post-war and post-apocalyptic nightmares as we see bodies dispersed in inhumanly ways. Heavy industrial imagery and machinery outweighs the cost of human life as we are shown the brutality of power.

The craftsmanship by Phil Tippett is out of this world. The ambition and scale is mind blowing as we are treated to a groundbreaking display of stop motion and VFX which was worth waiting 30 years for. Tippett has created a universe that everyone should witness, a life changing experience which goes beyond words.

Mad God is an unforgettable mind-bending experience which brings light into our lives and opens our minds like never before. It is a stunning exploration of heaven and hell which everyone should witness.

Score: 5/5

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