Backwood Carnage is a new short film by Simon Spachmann which follows the exploits of a deranged serial killer on a blood-spilling killing spree in a forest.

With a short run time of only 15 minutes, Backwood Carnage strips back on filler and focuses on what we actually want to see in a slasher film. There is no dialogue, it doesn’t need any. Instead, we are presented with a barrage of brutal death scenes and buckets of gore and guts…

Heavily influenced by the much loved slashers from the 80’s, Backwood Carnage makes subtle nods to the likes of Friday The 13th, Madman & The Mutilator but focuses primarily on extreme violence and gore. The film has a grainy presentation with speckling and tearing to give it an old and worn-out aesthetic but there is nothing generic about the brutality on display. The soundtrack is heavy synth with as many hooks as possible and it fits like a glove. The production values are slick throughout and there is no cutting corners.

The film delivers in one aspect that most slashers either lack or fail on; extreme. Backwood Carnage piles all its chips into super realistic practical effects and amazing props (including some made by the master, James Bell) and it pays dividends. The standard of the practical effects is so high that the film doesn’t really need a plot or elaborate character design. We literally see a killer wearing a dead skin mask parade through the forest on a mission to massacre everything in sight and it is thrilling to watch. There are so many great slashers which only have a handful of kills, well Backwood Carnage is a great slasher with a very large kill streak…

Dismemberment, decapitations, necrophilia, spine ripping, skull smashing and ballsack chopping…Backwood Carnage certainly doesn’t hold back. Blood is sprayed everywhere at all times and it never gets boring, this is everything you could possible want to see in a slasher movie in a matter of minutes. One particular scene involving a pregnant woman will make your skin crawl…

Backwood Carnage does more in 15 minutes than most slasher films do in 90. This is an impressive showcase of what can be done on a small budget with big ideas. If you love slasher films and top shelf extreme entertainment you need to make it a priority to buy one of the 500 copies before they are all gone…

Score: 5/5

Backwood Carnage is available to buy via Black Lava Entertainment –

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